Negative Numbers

What are Negative Numbers?

Negative Numbers are numbers that are having a bad day. There is oftentimes a negative stigma about them too. Lol... Get it? "Negative Stigma". Anyways its important to treat negative numbers with respect and treat them as if they were positive.

Negative Numbers are known for being irritating. Many students hate them due to them being annoying when subtracting and adding. Although this may be true it is important to understand that technically positive numbers are the reason why adding and subtracting negatives are annoying.

Negative Numbers include any numbers below 0. These include numbers like -1,-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-7,-8,-9,-10,-11,-12,-13,-14,-15,-16,-17,-18,-19,-20,-21,-22,-23,-24,-25,-26,-27,-28,-29,-30,-31,-32,-33,-34,-35,-36,-37,-38,-39,-40,-41,-42,-43
-98,-99,-100 and so on.